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Of Block B, Terms of Abuse and Power

This Block B issue has set off a terrible chainreaction with series inhumane reprecussions. I’m so ashamed and feel apologetic myself of how horrific human beings can be, of how the potential and opportunity to use your voice and make a difference is wasted with just so much ignorance. 

I do understand frowning upon their action. However, this war you’re holding is plain, rough ignorance. This kind of selective interpretation! Yes, we all have our freedom to speak, and have an opinion, but is it really genuinely trustworthy and credible when you argument on the most irrational emotion next to love? Hate! Bhumibol Adulyadej (Thai’s very own) have said:” A good person can make another person good; it means that goodness will elicit goodness in the society; other persons will also be good.” & “Everyone must correct his own self; this is something more difficult to cope with, but it is not impossible.”

I know, some of you are smart & intelligent enough to understand that disapproving some behavior is of course approved. This is how we raise our children, choose our represetatives and perfect ourselves. And some of you would also understand of how a normal, self-esteem and pride holding, person would actually respond to such scandal. I cannot believe it to be humane for the answer to be in suicide petitions or hate-sites. However, I do believe in teaching Faulty the Right.

Does the hate really make it all better? Does it bring back the lost? No. What you are doing is forcing salt on the wounds. And that is you (haters and everything you claim to hate), not Block B anymore. People are forced to hate when actually they maybe just want to remember the loved ones. You are hurting so many people out there. You are becoming the subject of your hatred yourself. What you were once fighting for, you ARE now fighting against your own moral and principles.

I get the reaction towards the event, but lowering yourselves to such level. I don’t want to believe it of how little empathy some humans are capable of nowadays. The boys are also yet young and in becoming adults. Why not just help them to become better people. Instead we’re condemn then right away. I hope, then, that you and your children shall always be perfect. If not, you are sentenced to be forever an outcast with no forgiveness what so ever. Your life could be over when you’re barely 20. Therefore, if my calculations are correct, you have approximately 40-60 years of torturous excistence. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun!?

Peace people. Why share hate when you could USE YOUR VOICE and share your goodness and SHOW the petty and ignorant of what is right and what is wrong. Why use this power to spread negativity and sadness when you could speak of things that could make us all a little better. 

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i think eonni knows already that i'm not really updated with these sort of things so i honestly don't have much to say since i just knew about this issue when i read a post from another friend of mine. but really, suicide petitions? >.<

You are becoming the subject of your hatred yourself. What you were once fighting for, you ARE now fighting against your own moral and principles.

this is so true. and sadly, this kind of thing happens most of the time.

in other news, please forgive this little soul for being missing once again. OTL
i love you eonni! ♥
forgive me, hmm? :D
saranghae~~ <3

My dear Margaret~! .*-*. //flails so hard that ground seems to disappear under Enn's feet.

On the issue, yes it does. It's called hypocrisy and seems to have more gravity than any other voice of reason. Yet, we still quote the intelligent words of writers, expect the zero-tolerance from our law system and wish to gain support from our families even when we have made a mistake. We always expect something out of others but are pretty quick to verdict other people for the littlest wrong-doing. It's the worst really - rambling with information that is far from considerate. All in all, anything they say is pretty much empty (maybe filled with most primitive feeling) BUT I guess that's the "magic" - it can be filled with just more neverending emptyness. Yet words linger and hurt people even if they're not reasonable.

I miss you really. I always remember my Joy when it's snowing actually. ^^, Nothing to forgive. Busy life is busy. We'll talk soon enough RIGHT! .*-*. Enn vuwws her Margaret~~! *kissus*

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