Missile dumped in the World of Exile

With the best of intentions you tried to give an ocean directions

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Hey hi everyone & anyone!

Figured a little introduction of the humble owner of this blog would be appropriate. My unofficial name is Enn and that's the name I'm admitting as mine. I usually don't do personal rant, but I'm going to keep that option open - you never know.

However, I do fanfiction. Too little, yes, but I do it nonetheless. I warn y'all, I'm a slow writer and having no beta, I'm even more tardy than that. Therefore, I apologize in advance. But, feel free to complain, it might give me the nudge I need. Requests are also renown. 

Overall, I'm friendly and nice-ish. I like reading and music - if you're one of those people I'm all ready baking you muffins and serving chamomile tea. If, but you're nutting over kpop, you're my homie Snowflake I'm gonna keep. Anyway guise, feel free to speak, spam, complain, cry, laugh, fidget (and whatnot more) with me. 

Dream high, Fly high!


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